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VILOTEL-What you should know!

The name Vilotel comes from the French word "Hôtel de Ville" = Town Hall. 

Next to the Vilotel is the town hall of Oberkochen and the in former times hotel was at the same space

as the town hall.


The Vilotel has been built with many regional partners. When selecting suppliers, we placed great value on 

reliable and local companies that only used natural and genuine materials. The cooling and heating system

takes place by means of geothermal energy and combined heat and power plant. 


The Gravivent is a cooling and heating element, which is located behind the covering of each hotel room. 

It regulates the temperature by the gravity of the air and is therefore silent. We are the first hotel in Europe

to have ths system installed. 


E-Mobility can be found in the underground car park. There are 3 charging stations with the type 2 plug installed.


Sleep (yourself) healthy-with our anti-stressed bedding products by the company Wäschekrone, electrostatic

stresses are reduced during sleep, because the high-quality cover fabrics are woven into lattice-like finest carbon

fibers. At the same time, the sleeper is shielded from electromagnetic waves, creating a natural balance and promoting

a healthy sleep.


Smoking is not allowed in our rooms. We have set up ashtrays on each floor for you. At the end of the corridor is a door

to the escape staircase, which you can open with your room key. If you should still in the room, we have to use a expensive

wash for the curtains and the room. We charge this with 150,00 €.  

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